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Risan Competition Entry

Project year: 2014

Project type: International competition entry / 1st prize

Project team: Zoran Dmitrović, Marija Radojlović, Vidoje Đukanović, Natalija Paunić & Predrag Marković

Typology: Tourist resort

Total floor area: 6.000 m²

Location: Risan, Montenegro


Regarding the competition brief, our proposal suggests 13 residences and 1 main, mix-use facility, containing in total 73 suites with matching quantity of parking spaces in underground garage and on the ground floor along with necessary secondary facilities (sports & leisure).


Our main goal was creating pleasant micro spaces within the larger context. Residential units were distributed in a way that forms small neighbourhoods with series of backyards, courts and squares. In that way we were able to offer approximately same level of comfort to all units, regardless of their orientation and position within the masterplan. In order with that approach, all ground-floor suites have their own, private backyards, as equivalent to terraces on the upper floors. Along with residential units, there is a main house with commercial contents on its ground-floor / caffe & bar that serve common space with two pools, tennis court and a square.




Our proposal keeps the existing main entrance and uses it to direct all incoming vehicles to underground garage with 60 parking slots or nearby 13 parking slots on the ground-floor. Vehicle circulation is minimized and only service vehicles can operate throughout the whole resort. The whole location is imagined as a pedestrian zone.





In order to support preservation of local building tradition we maintained stone as final facade layer in combination with concrete elements and traditional roof tiles. We tried to convert traditional expression of Mediterranean houses into contemporary language, especially through unit’s organization. Whole space is rich with vegetation, palms, cypresses and fountains.