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Police headquarters design proposal

Project year: 2013

Project status: Design proposal

Typology: Administrative building

Location: Sousse, Tunisia


This design proposal was done for local government in the city of Sousse in Tunisia, which requested creation of regional police headquarters in this slightly disturbed area. The building was conceived as a 3-floor structure, with basement floor filled with most sensitive contents, ground floor with programs that directly interact with public and upper floor where the whole administrative apparatus would be located.


Because of the program’s large spatial demands, the main idea was to adapt building’s formal presence to the old city quarter where it would be located. With this in mind along with building’s typological and institutional value, the design had to become closer to common people through its form and outlook. The solution was found in strict, rectangular organisation, with inner court, and facade that resembles to ancient medina (fortress) at first sight but acts modern and dynamic thanks to loophole-like holes whose density is in direct relationship with lightning demands of inner spaces.

ground floor


first floor




floor plans