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Project year: 2007

Tutor: Dr Miodrag Nestorović


This project is a result of studies on constructive systems during the last year of my Bachelor studies at Faculty of Architecture. As the location was irrelevant, construction, structure and form of the object were in focus in order to answer the project’s theme ”tower” in the best possible manner.



Form was inspired by artistic modifications in the interpretation of female body as the ideal of beauty. Geometrical reduction, abstraction were the main methods in physical transformation of body in art. So I decided to follow that same path in order to create dynamic and changeable silhouette of a skyscraper.



Size and shape of the typical floor were set, like transformations that would result with form. Shrinking, twisting and turning in different scales embodied a beautiful floor pattern, shown above. The structure would hold all its load with 4 cores and complex web of beams that would be even used on facade to support the weight of the glass.


Formal analysis

Night view on structure

Night shot

”From dusk ’till dawn” view