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Habitable bar

Project year: 2008

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Tutors: Prof. Vasilije Milunović, Vesna Cagić


This project is a result of studies on housing tipology during the last year of my Master studies at Faculty of Architecture. As the location was irrelevant, structure, functionality and ambience of the object were in focus in order to answer the project’s theme ”habitable bar” in the best possible manner.




At the very beginning, constructive grid was set in a way that allowed formation of modular units, that could easily connect in both directions (horizontally and vertically) into larger groups (flats). One of the main objectives of this project was creation of large, private terraces = yards, that could try to evoke the sense of freedom and spaciousness, rare feelings in contemporary urban life. Also, the grid offers a chance to experiment with flats structures and generate dynamic facades.



Illumination of inner modules and spaces was accomplished with several atriums.




Floor-plans show the vertical evolution of the building and dynamism that was accomplished with suspended modules.