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Found in translation

Since September 2014, I’ve been translating various TV shows from French and English for Serbian National Broadband Corporation, or RTS 3 culture channel to be precise. I consider myself very lucky to have this rare opportunity to be the first to watch some very interesting shows and learn a lot of useful things. It’s been exciting so far in last 1000+ pages / 68+ hours of shows. Here is the complete list of shows that I’ve translated so far:

ARTE Architecture / Rolex Learning Center, Courts of Soubise and Rohan famillies, Johnson Wax building, Box in the wind, Vienna Postal Savings Bank, Centre Culturel George Pompidou, Pompeia Sao Paolo, La Tourette, Charlety Stadium, Castle Pierrefonds.








Dans tes yeux – Sophie Massieu’s trip around the world / Andalusia, Camargue, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Naples, Sicily, Bay of Soma, Northern France, Louisiana, New York, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Venice, Hamburg, Shanghai, China, Corse, Ireland, Scotland, Lapland, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, Marrakesh, Morocco, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Keira, India, Kerala, Berlin, Ethiopia.

Let’s Dance / C’est le pied, A poile, Ceci est mon corps.

Chic / 10 shows

Global drinks / Coffee, Milk, Tea, Water, Soda, Juices

Various shows / Alice in China, Brink, Prisoners of Becket.